Modular stage steps to biggest boat.


Staging requirements change from time to time. Inter-Lock’s modular design offers great variety of layout options to conform to trade show and retail display needs. Sections can easily be added or reconfigured, with standard sections being 4' and 8’ long and widths of 3’ and 4'. Custom sizes are also available. Stage legs have 18” of height adjustability. We recommend the stage height to be a multiple of 7” because the stairs have a 7” rise between treads. If the desired deck height is not a multiple of 7”, the rise from the floor to the first step and the rise from the top step to the stage may be varied during installation. Modular stage steps (as shown at left) to access biggest boat may be added. Modular steps have a 7” rise each and may be used as one or two added steps permitting 14” of variation of the access height. Multi-level stages are possible.